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Quantyca was created to fill a gap in the market
A survey conducted by Quantyca on 80 medium, and large companies showed that:
In 70% of cases, companies said that key information are present in the company's IT systems
But only 30% of interviewed said they used them fully for decision-making.

The data are available, but is difficult to process them
The data are not updated frequently enough
Analysis contest is not due

Data is available, but unreliable
Data are not complete enough for information needs
Data organisation is unclear or poorly linked to operations
Value added.
We position ourselves as a link between technical and business functions:
Collecting and interpreting the specific needs of the business functions
Realizing and managing the problems of realization and feasibility

We manage and guarantee the project lifecycle:
As an external team, we do not impact on our clients' daily operations or internal resources
The mix of functional and technical skills developed by Quantyca optimises analysis and requirements definitions times
We anticipate and manage the critical issues of realization of a typical BI projects

Cross Technological expertise
Testing Support
Projects with zero technical start-up costs

Where needed, when needed: Open Source Business Intelligence.
Quantyca has selected highly compatible, standards-based commercial Open Source tools that:
Can be added to the existing infrastructure
Are compatible with in-house tools (including proprietary)
Offer complete solutions: Reporting, management dashboards, ad-hoc reporting, real-time reporting, mobile reporting

Enhance the information potential of the data:
Giving priority to the project and needs that created it
Reducing obstacles related to fixed start-up costs (software and licensing)
Expand the base of potential users and information users
Quantyca's architecture supports integration with multiple sources within the business for extracting the information of their data.
The BI systems support analysis of new phenomena when they can integrate multiple sources.